Committed to providing technology consulting services the right way. The Eclipse Way.

We were founded on the principal of making telecommunications simpler to use, and removing complexity. About creating a process that emphasized collaboration and listening. And most of all, delivering technology consulting services that are about you—ensuring you have the best pricing, and the right system in place for your business, your team, your needs.

That’s why we’re vendor agnostic. That’s why we put our energies into solving, not selling. We know the pace of technology change is considerable, but that you can’t lag behind. Instead, you need to take the lead. That’s the best way. That’s the Eclipse Way.

What is the Eclipse Way?

We love what we do.

And we’re proud of it.

We’re always honest.

Even when our clients don’t want us to be.

We deliver the best outcomes.

But first, we work with our clients to define what the best outcomes should be.

We are ruthlessly efficient,

but we are never efficiently ruthless (we’re kind).

We continually learn.

We don’t know everything, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to.

Our clients deserve the best.

So we must always be the best.

Our Mission

The right communication strategy, the right technology, the right vendor partners, at the right time. It should be simple, but many communication technology companies seem unable to deliver those fundamental necessaries.

It’s our mission to do better, and deliver the best options for you. To drive your business growth with the best costs, the best customer service and the best outcomes.

Our Core Values

Eclipse Cares

We care about giving back to the community and believe its everyone’s responsibility to do the same. Learn about how we’re giving back.

The Eclipse Promise

We are committed to providing the maximum value to our clients and the industries we work with.

Hear what our clients say about working with Eclipse.

Meet Eclipse

With titles like Client Happiness Officer, you know working with Eclipse is going to be a unique experience. But at heart, we’re get-down-to-business cost-cutters and solution-optimizers.

Be Eclipse

We’re not looking for just anyone to join our team, but we might be looking for you. We’ll challenge you, and we’ll also celebrate you.