From Dave’s Desk: An Eclipse Telecom Update

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks of travel for the Eclipse team, having recently spent time at our annual industry show, Channel Partners, in Las Vegas and with 150 CIOs at the Boardroom Events Midmarket CIO forum. The two events provided us insight into both what is happening next in the communications industry and what is weighing most heavily on the minds of enterprise IT leaders. What became crystal clear is that the pace of change is faster than at any point in history. More vendors are entering the communications space than at any time since the internet boom and as a result innovation is happening more quickly. Networks are becoming more ubiquitous as all of the “things” around us become internet connected, creating more endpoints to manage and more data to interpret, and more security vulnerabilities. It’s the most exciting time to be in telecommunications. There is more noise than ever and we take very seriously our responsibility to sort it all out for our clients to ensure that they are getting the right technologies to ensure their desired business outcomes. Below you will find our “take-aways” from those two events.

First, at the Channel Partners event, 5,000 folks from the Telecom and VAR channels come together to create new connections, see what is happening now in technology, and get a sneak peek at what is coming down the road. The channel is changing and there is a lot of uncertainty amongst many VAR’s and service providers as they grapple with margin compression, commoditization, and the convergence of hardware, software, and telecom. We expect to see lots of merger activity as the walls between what have traditionally been silos continue to break down. The three major topics on everyone’s minds were security, mobility, and software defined networking (SDN). Disruptive new solutions are entering the market daily in all three areas. At Eclipse, we believe that recent advances in SDN, coupled with the financial gains that can be made by leveraging it, will spell the end of MPLS networking for at least half of the companies who have it implemented today within 3 years. A highlight of the show was Eclipse winning its second consecutive Channel Partners 360 Award, which is given to solution providers who demonstrably prove consistent commitment to solving client challenges with a mix of elite client service, creative problem solving, and technology partners.

Second, at Boardroom Events in sunny Orlando Florida, the Eclipse team was able to spend a couple of days among 150 CIOs who took time out of their busy schedules to network with peers, share ideas, and find new solutions and vendors for their business needs. Security and mobility were the topics on everyone’s minds, often spoken in conjunction (we need to be more mobile, but how do we secure it all?). CIOs are working hard to continue to turn their team from reactive mode into business analysts who are identifying opportunities to leverage technology for operational and financial gain for their companies. SDN is a topic that is just making its way into the consciousness of most IT leaders, we advise all of our clients to at least begin exploring the topic with us as it will become extremely relevant in the coming months.

The bottom line is that things are changing and quickly. Eclipse will be reaching out to you in the coming weeks to schedule a technology review and to discuss any other topics that are on your mind. Our goal for spring is to help you refine your communications blueprint to further improve your success.