Happy Interdependence Day!

When I was a kid, my Grandfather, a World War II Navy Vet, said something that stuck with me. I had wished him a “happy Fourth of July” and he corrected me saying “Every country has a fourth of July, today is our Independence Day.” Something I have since repeated throughout my life.

Independence is something we U.S. Americans have drilled into our heads from birth. We are the land of the free and that means we have the right to pursue our hopes and dreams at all costs. That ethos has served us (including me) very well. It’s why our country has always been a place for people around the world to come here to pursue their version of the American Dream. Our culture of risk taking and innovation has allowed many of us, immigrants and native-born alike, to bet on ourselves and take the leap of faith into entrepreneurship, creating a patchwork of businesses large and small that make up the most diverse and robust economy in the history of the world. I am grateful for the freedom and opportunities I have had as a result of being born in this country.

Immigrants who lived the American Dream

If the very interesting and eventful year of 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that something very important is missing from this narrative. We’ve learned that it’s not our independence that makes any one of us successful, but our interdependence. The pandemic brought to light how important every one of is to making the entire system work. Unsung heroes who keep us fed, pick up our trash, and ensure we are healthy and safe are finally being recognized for how important they are to keeping the entire system functional. We can no longer claim independence, having realized how many critical members of society are quietly doing the heavy lifting to make everything easier for the rest of us, providing us the infrastructure, literally and figuratively to pursue our dreams.

We started Eclipse with the premise that communication is the most important thing that companies and the people who work for them do. That’s never been more true or important that now. As we all continue to adapt to the new reality of working from home, staying apart, and using technology to stay connected personally and professionally, it’s critical to realize how many unsung heroes are making it all work in the background. I have paused often in the last few months to reflect on, in awe, all of the amazing men and women who are behind the scenes, keeping global networks up and running so that the rest of us can continue to communicate as if we were in the same room. The tools we have in our hands that didn’t exist a few years ago allow us to connect with loved ones, clients, and partners all around the world. The stress test of the global internet infrastructure that nobody wanted or planned for has been passed with flying colors. My hat’s off to everyone who is keeping us connected around the country and around the globe!

This year on our Independence Day, I am reflective and grateful. For my family who keeps me grounded, for my team at Eclipse who is so committed to one another and our shared success, and to our clients, who continue to trust us to help them communicate successfully all around the world. I am so appreciative for my network of clients, friends, peers, and partners who have commiserated with me, inspired me, and provided much needed therapy over the first half of this year. I hope I have been able to give back 1/2 of what I have received. I am celebrating my interdependence with each and every one of you today, I am blessed to have so many people helping me in every corner of my life.

Use the long weekend ahead to thank those you have been interdependent with in 2020 and before, and those you know that you will continue to count on for years to come. Gratitude is free and I know we all have an abundance to share right now. Stay safe and healthy and if you are fortunate enough to be able to do so, please help others however you can.

Sending love your way,