Our Process

Discovery, we start with our discovery process which is designed to take a deep dive into your technology requirement, your business and how you want to communicate to your customers, employees and vendors. Every business is different and has nuance that will affect the solution and desired outcome. We drill into the technical requirements and then the business environment.
Scope of Work (SOW), Once the technical requirement is defined and the initial discovery is complete we develop and submit a SOW which is designed to provide the scope and goals of the project and the Eclipse deliverables.
Additional discovery, once the SOW is agreed upon we will do another round of discovery which includes interviews with the key internal stakeholders, we drill down deep on what your users need from the technology. This completes the picture of both technical and functional requirements.
Initial vendor recommendation, Eclipse will use the information gathered in discovery, the technical requirement and the nuance of your business to narrow the vendor list to the top 3-5 vendors that based on our experience will meet the technical and functional requirements.
Vendor Vetting, this process will produce the final vendor. Based on a jointly agreed on list of criteria we begin vetting the vendors and provide our final recommendation which includes a financial analysis on the TCO and ROI.
Vendor Negotiations, once the final vendor is agreed upon we begin the negotiations with you on the terms and conditions.
Implementation Management, this is the critical phase, where the solution goes from the white board to functionality. All solutions look good on a white board, Eclipse makes sure it performs the way it was designed.
Lifecycle Management, post implementation Eclipse will develop and maintain your inventory, manage contracts and complete all MACD on an ongoing basis.