Technology Lifecycle Management

Eclipse provides a retainer-based service to provide managed telephony services for our clients. We support thousands of client locations globally. With our years of experience, our process and carrier relationships allow us to be more efficient than in-house resources on a 3:1 ratio.

Wy use your precious internal resources or time to manage this function when Eclipse can do it more efficiently and cost effectively. Let us manage the day-to-day of your communications and technology infrastructure, so you can focus on the more important thing – your business. As a part of our Technology Lifecycle Management service, we provide:

  • Technology infrastructure and cost assessment
  • Carrier procurement
    • RFP creation and management
  • Pricing
  • Procurement
  • Ordering
  • Implementation
  • Carrier contract negotiation
  • Carrier implementation
  • Ongoing MACD
  • Help desk
  • NOC
  • Monthly reporting
    • Inventory management
  • Semi-annual review